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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rajini gives marketing lessons to Kotler

If you didnt know who Phillip Kotler is, he is the marketing guru who theorized marketing as a subject and wrote record selling books on this topic. Marketing profs, students will vouch for having to grudge through pages of theory to understand a seemingly simple concept of marketing. Well as Indians know it, the Sun takes Rajini-bath for getting skin tan. Therefore Rajini qualifies to give marketing lessons to the guru himself.

Well. thats exactly what strikes you after seeing ShoutOut Consumer complaints. Creators of this comic have used Rajinikanth as mascot to pack powerful marketing punch which can go viral by itself. In new age of internet and social media, there is myriad possibilities of information but what survives is real content which makes sense, adds value, appeals to people and hopefully creates a chuckle. Kotler didnt live long enough to experience internet and social media as powerful marketing tool. But Rajinikanth is using his popularity and mass appeal to market a novel idea of consumer activism. This is India's first scrollable webcomic. You can expect many firsts with Rajini in frame.

As i see evolving internet space, innovation is taking center stage. Promoters can buy ad-space and burn cash like is happening with deal websites in India. Or they have choice to create powerful idea and back it up with sharable content which can market itself. This for me, is a new area of study in marketing subject. something which Rajini is popularizing through ShoutOut after era of Kotler.

Long live Kotler, long live Rajini sir and long live ShoutOut.

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